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Jogeshwari Misal Today

Jogeshwari Misal, a culinary venture established in 2014, has evolved significantly over the years. We began as a small place and now have over 150 franchises across Maharashtra. Each spot shares the true taste of Jogeshwari Misal. Our menu has delicious choices, and making tasty food that makes our customers happy is what we’re all about.

Jogeshwari Misal isn’t just about eating; it’s about enjoying the flavors of Maharashtra. As we keep growing, our goal is to bring you the best tastes and create happy moments every time you visit Jogeshwari Misal—a place where you get a real taste of Maharashtrian street food.

Our Products

Farsan, Chivda, Special Bhel …

Jogeshwari Matki Bhel Mockup

Matki Bhel😋

Jogeshwari Special Farsan Mockup

Special Farsan🤤

Jogeshwari Special Misal Farsan Mockup

Misal Farsan🥰

Our Roots

Meet the Visionaries Behind Jogeshwari Misal

Sachin Hargude Co-Founder of Jogeshwari Misal.jpeg

Sachin Hargude

Founder - Jogeshwari Misal

Nitin Hargude - Co-Founder of Jogeshwari Misal

Nitin Hargude

C0-Founder - Jogeshwari Misal

Frinchise Network

Spreading the Aroma of Tradition…

Priceless Smiles



Every smile matters…😊

Misal one of my favourite dish... N yes Jogeshwari misal is great place for that. Quality taste, hygiene maintain, supportive staff. In marathi "झणझणीत मिसळ". I'm fully satisfied after eating Misal 😍😍. Special of Jogeshwari misal is "घंटानाद". "If you like misal then please make noise". Really Very Happy 🤩 Visit once 👍👍😀

Rutuja Pawar

Tilak Road Branch

Deliciously spicy the 'misal' had a delightful blend of textures with the crunchy farsan, zesty onions, and tangy lemon, making it a satisfying treat for the taste buds. However, I would have preferred a slightly milder spice level to fully enjoy the dish.

Manoj Gunjikar

Sus Branch

Jogeshwari Misal is known for providing mouthwater Missal, Bhel and special thali(Missal Thai) in wagholi, Kesnand and many more places in pune. Do visit!Vegetarian options: Jogeshwari Misal is known for providing mouthwater food in pune

Kajul Joshi

Kesnand Branch

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