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Jogeshwari Misal Franchise Details (Fees, Area, ROI, Contact Details, Duration)

Please find the Jogeshwari Misal Franchise Details in below table:

Criteria Requirement Details
Required space for outlet
Minimum 700+ Sq. Ft. (Additional space required for highway locations)
Training and support provided
Yes, 1-3 months training at main branch, Kesnand, Wagholi, Pune
Expected return on investment
Dependent on proposed location and outlet area
Duration of franchise agreement
Minimum 5 years
Franchise fee
₹3,00,000 + GST
Outlet investment range
₹10,00,000 - ₹20,00,000 (Estimated)
Parking space required
Menu offerings and customization
3-5 and Customization in menu are not allowed

Join us as we expand beyond Maharashtra to conquer the nation. With over 150 successful franchises and growing demand, Jogeshwari Misal is now making its mark pan-India. Be part of a brand that’s not just regional; it’s a national sensation in the making.

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jogeshwari misal franchise cost or price

The franchise fee for Jogeshwari Misal is 3 Lakhs + GST, which may vary periodically. Additionally, to align with our outlet structure and theme, there’s an estimated cost ranging from 10 to 20 lakhs. However, this cost may vary based on rates in the proposed outlet’s area location, which is not paid to us but is essential for acquiring our franchise.

If you’re interested in joining the Jogeshwari Misal community and starting your Franchise, we invite you to start a friendly discussion. Reach out to us below.👇

(Note: For accurate and genuine Franchise details, please refer only to the information provided on Any misinformation can lead to legal consequences.)

Contact Number / Owner Contact Number

Simply reach out to us at +91 8668997161/ +91 9405854060 to get all the details you need. We are here to answer any questions you may have.

Proud Owners

The proud owners of Jogeshwari Misal are Mr. Sachin Hargude and Mr. Nitin Hargude, whose passion for authentic Maharashtrian cuisine drives the success of our franchise.

Sachin Hargude Co-Founder of Jogeshwari Misal.jpeg

Sachin Hargude

Founder - Jogeshwari Misal

Nitin Hargude - Co-Founder of Jogeshwari Misal

Nitin Hargude

C0-Founder - Jogeshwari Misal

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