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Embark on a delicious adventure with Jogeshwari Misal, a culinary gem since 2014, now flourishing with over 150 restaurant franchises across Maharashtra. As we invite you to savor the authentic taste of Jogeshwari Misal, we’re not just about eating; we’re about creating joyous moments with Maharashtrian street food.

Our Locations

We are everywhere…🍃

From big cities like Pune and Mumbai to cozy corners like Kolhapur and Nashik, we’re all over Maharashtra. We’ve even reached out to Belgaon in Karnataka! Jogeshwari Misal isn’t just a franchise; it’s a friendly community built on trust.

Nationwide Growth

From Maharashtra’s Streets to India’s Heart…🛣️

Now, we’re taking the taste nationwide! With over 150 successful spots and a growing fan base, Jogeshwari Misal is set to become a sensation across India. Join us in rewriting the rules of success in the street food scene.

Become part of a brand that’s not just about food – it’s about tradition meeting innovation, and success being a shared adventure.

Get a Franchise

(Note: For accurate details, check We don’t share franchise info anywhere else. To chat about franchises, contact us directly.)

Eager to join the Jogeshwari Misal community and indulge in a promising restaurant franchise opportunity? Let’s discuss it at the table. Feel free to reach out below for an exciting franchise opportunity.👇


    The required space varies based on location and anticipated customer traffic. We typically recommend a minimum of 400 Sq. Ft. for the smallest restaurant franchise.

    Our meticulous distribution considers factors like population density, rush days, and proximity, ensuring both customers and restaurant franchisees are satisfied.

    All franchise-related details are discussed at the table to maintain brand reputation. For accurate and trustworthy information, visit

    As part of PAN India expansion, we welcome restaurant franchise inquiries from across India. Inquire for a franchise on our official website and be part of our nationwide restaurant franchise success.

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