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Jogeshwari Misal Saswad

Ashwini Tai, famous for her role as Ranu Akka, visited Jogeshwari Misal Saswad today. She wanted to spread kindness. This visit was special, cause’ Fans and locals gathered in large numbers to welcome her.

Ashwini Tai plays Ranu Akka, a strong character loyal to the Maratha empire. She took a break to visit Jogeshwari Misal Saswad (click here for directions), a well-known food spot in Maharashtra. She also mingled with the community. Her presence brought joy. It’s shown the close bond between the show’s cast and the audience.

People know Jogeshwari Misal Saswad for its traditional Maharashtrian cuisine. As Ashwini Tai arrived, it buzzed with excitement. Locals greeted her with aarti and garlands, showing their respect, and met with fans to take photos. Also, shared her experiences from the show “Swarajya Rakshak Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj.”

Ashwini Tai tasted the famous misal, a spicy and rich dish. She praised its vibrant flavors, calling it a true taste of Maharashtra.

In a speech, Ashwini Tai thanked the crowd and felt honored to play Ranu Akka and appreciated the audience’s support. Her visit to Jogeshwari Misal Saswad allowed her to connect with fans and show her gratitude.

Ashwini Tai described her visit to Jogeshwari’s Misal Saswad as wonderful. She felt the love and warmth of the people of Saswad. Enjoying the delicious misal was a highlight. These moments said, made her role as Ranu Akka very fulfilling, and thanked everyone for their constant support and love.


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