Jogeshwari Misal – Franchise Opportunity in India!

we are ready to expand in konkan| jogeshwari misal

Are you ready to experience an exciting culinary adventure?

The iconic name in Maharashtrian street food is exciting. It plans to expand into the vibrant regions of Konkan! Franchise opportunities in Konkan are available. Have you dreamed of owning a food business? Do you want to be part of a thriving community? Now is your chance to join us.

Franchise opportunities in Konkan

We are everywhere…

We have locations across Pune, Mumbai, Nagpur, Kolhapur, Nashik, and Ahmedabad. Also in Aurangabad and Belgaum, Karnataka. Now, we plan to expand into Konkan franchise opportunities in Konkan. Jogeshwari Misal is more than a franchise system. It’s a friendly community of eateries. Our ability to connect via flavors and trust has made us a favorite among franchise fans.

Nationwide Growth

From the streets of Maharashtra to the heart of India….

Jogeshwari Misal is a street food icon in Maharashtra. It’s now ready to be available in Konkan. You can taste and experience the delicious mouthwatering food in Konkan.

Come with us. We’ve conquered all of Maharashtra and grown beyond it.

Jogeshwari Misal has around 200 successful franchises. Demand for it is growing, so it’s becoming known across India. Join a brand that’s becoming a national phenomenon and not just a local one.

Take this chance to join a community. They’re redefining not just street food, but also success criteria. Jogeshwari Misal is a place where success is a shared journey. It’s where tradition meets innovation.Jogeshwari Misal has around 200 successful franchises.


  • Q: Which is the first branch of Jogeshwari Misal?
    Ans: In time, we’ve opened our first outlet, named after ‘Jogeshwari Misal’, in Kesnand. At this point, we weren’t motivated to franchise. Our goal was to give our customers a great dining experience.
  • Q: How to Contact Jogeshwari Misal for the franchise?
    Ans: Contact No.. +91 8668997161/ +91 9405854060, Email.Id: Address: Jogeshwari Misal, Kesnand, Maharashtra 412207. 
  • Q: How many branches does Jogeshwari Misal have?
    Ans: We began as a small place and now have nearly 200 franchises across Maharashtra. Each spot shares the true taste of Jogeshwari Misal.
  • Q: What is the price of Jogeshwari special misal?
    Ans: Special Jogeshwari misal. Costs: 170 rupees, Description: Serves 1 | Extra farsan, water bottel 1 2 lit bottles, buttermilk, sweet, onion.
  •  Q: Who is the owner of Jogeshwari Misal?
    Ans: The owner of Jogeshwari Misal is Mr. Sachin Hargude. A passionate food lover and proud Maharashtrian. He wanted to create a place where Misal’s scent evokes memories of family and childhood, stirring fond emotions.

Franchise Details:

  1. We’re spreading our wings across the nation. We’re inviting passionate entrepreneurs in Konkanto to join the Jogeshwari Misal family. Here’s what you need to know:
  • Required Space: A minimum of 700+ Sq. Ft. is required for a Jogeshwari Misal outlet. Additional space may be necessary for locations such as highways or open areas.

    Training and Support: We provide comprehensive training and support to franchise owners. The training period lasts 1-3 months at our main branch in Kesnand, Wagholi, Pune.

  • Expected Return on Investment: It depends on the proposed location and outlet area. These will ensure profits for our franchisees. 
  • Duration of Franchise Agreement: They’ve been for at least 5 years. This ensures long-term collaboration and success.

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