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निघोज आउटलेट उदघाटन समारंभ!

Jogeshwari Misal inaugurates their new franchise outlet in Nighoj on 17th Apr 2024. The opening ceremony is witnessed by our proud founder Mr. Sachin Hargude and Karegoan Grampanchayat Head Mrs. Nirmalataai Navle, marks a lasting importance for the community. In the heart of Nighoj our franchise outlet is not much far from Nighoj Bus Stand. This outlet has been serving since its inauguration with the promise to serve the authentic taste of Misal to the locals. We are not new in Ahmednagar as there are many outlets of Jogeshwari Misal has been serving for years, but we are excited to serve in Parner Taluka.

After a tremendous response to Jogeshwari Misal in Ahmednagar, We were planning to serve in a new location in the same district and we found Nighoj the best place to come up with. Nighoj bus stand area is always rushed area and there is no hygiene food place where people can enjoy having their breakfast or meal. And we were sure that the people of Nighoj will welcome us with a huge response to our new outlet.

At the time of opening our community got a chance to listen a delightful words from our founder Mr. Sachin Hargude and Karegaon Grampanchayat Head Mrs. Nirmalataai Navale. At this moment Founder of Jogeshwari Misal Mr. Sachin Hargude said:

जोगेश्वरी मिसळचं सुरुवाती पासून एकंच उद्धिष्ट आहे, नवीन उद्योजकांना, तरुणांना संधी देण्याचं. त्यांच्याकडे मोठ्या गोष्टी मिळवण्यासाठी खूप दृढनिश्चय आणि इचछाशक्ती आहे, जी जोगेश्वरी मिसळ आणि भेळ च्या सुरुवातीला आमच्याकडेहि होती. आणि त्यामुळेच आम्ही नवीन उद्योजकांना येणाऱ्या काळातही अश्याच संध्या देण्याचा प्रयत्न करू.

~ श्री सचिन हरगुडे

Jogeshwari Misal has only one objective from the beginning, to give opportunities to new entrepreneurs, youth. They have a lot of determination and will to achieve big things, which we also had at the beginning of Jogeshwari Misal and Bhel. And that’s why we will try to provide opportunities to new entrepreneurs in the future.

~ Mr. Sachin Hargude

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Near Nighoj Bus Stand, Nighoj, Parner, Ahmednagar.

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