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Trending Food Franchise Options - Jogeshwari Misal, Frullato, Rangoli Icecream, Peni Ice Candy

In this blog, we embark on a journey to uncover hidden gems in the world of franchising, focusing on emerging brands that offer promising investment opportunities in Maharashtra. Through meticulous research and analysis, we have curated a list of brands that, while not widely recognized, present a unique chance for entrepreneurs to enter the market at a low cost and potentially reap substantial profits. With a special mention of Jogeshwari Misal, a reputed brand with a modest franchise fee, we aim to shed light on lesser-known yet promising franchise options that can rival larger, more established brands in terms of profitability and growth potential. Join us as we explore these unsung heroes of the franchise industry and discover the untapped potential they hold for savvy investors looking to make their mark in Maharashtra’s thriving business landscape.

Jogeshwari Misal: A National Sensation in the Making

With over 150 successful franchises and a growing demand, Jogeshwari Misal has emerged as a prominent player in the culinary landscape of India. Transitioning from a regional favorite to a national sensation, Jogeshwari Misal offers a unique opportunity to be part of a brand that is reshaping the street food scene and setting new standards for success.

Unique Selling Points:

  • Tradition Meets Innovation: Jogeshwari Misal blends traditional flavors with innovative culinary techniques, creating a distinctive dining experience that resonates with a wide audience.
  • Shared Success Journey: Joining Jogeshwari Misal means embarking on a collective journey towards success, where franchisees are integral partners in the brand’s growth and prosperity.
jogeshwari logo

Product Range:
Jogeshwari Misal boasts a diverse range of products that cater to varied tastes and preferences, ensuring a delightful culinary experience for customers. Additionally, the brand offers exclusive packaged food items that are exclusively available at its outlets, adding a touch of exclusivity to the dining experience.

Opportunity for Entrepreneurs:
For aspiring entrepreneurs looking to venture into the food industry, partnering with Jogeshwari Misal presents a compelling opportunity to tap into a brand that is not just about serving food but creating a culinary legacy. With a proven track record of success and a vision for nationwide expansion, Jogeshwari Misal invites individuals to be part of its journey towards redefining street food and setting new benchmarks for excellence in the food franchise sector.

By aligning with Jogeshwari Misal, franchisees can leverage the brand’s reputation, innovative approach, and wide product range to establish a successful and rewarding business venture in the competitive food and beverage market of India. Click Here to get more details of Jogeshwari Misal’s Franchise.

Frullato: A Cozy Café Experience in Nagpur, Maharashtra

Business Profile:
Frullato is a charming small-scale café located in Nagpur, Maharashtra, offering a delightful menu of Thick Shakes, Hot Chocolate, and Cold Coffee to its patrons. Situated near the VNIT college gate in Bajaj Nagar, Frullato provides a cozy and inviting ambiance for visitors to relax and enjoy their favorite beverages.

Menu Highlights:

  • Thick Shakes: Known for their rich and creamy texture, Frullato’s Thick Shakes are a crowd favorite, enticing customers with their indulgent flavors and satisfying consistency.
  • Hot Chocolate: A comforting classic, Frullato’s Hot Chocolate is a warm treat perfect for chilly days, providing a decadent chocolatey experience.
  • Cold Coffee: Refreshing and energizing, Frullato’s Cold Coffee offers a cool respite for coffee enthusiasts seeking a flavorful pick-me-up.
frullato logo

Customer Feedback:
Patrons of Frullato appreciate the thick and delicious shakes served at the café, praising the quality and taste of the beverages. However, some customers have noted that the prices at Frullato are perceived as relatively high compared to the quantity of the drinks offered, indicating a potential area for improvement in terms of value for money.

Contact Information:

  • Address: Bajaj Nagar, near VNIT college gate, Nagpur
  • Contact Number: 7276372324

Price Range:
The menu at Frullato offers beverages priced between 60-90 Rupees, making it an accessible option for customers looking to enjoy quality drinks at affordable rates.

Frullato’s focus on providing a cozy café experience and serving delectable Thick Shakes, Hot Chocolate, and Cold Coffee has garnered a loyal following among visitors in Nagpur. While customers appreciate the quality of the beverages, addressing concerns about pricing and quantity could further enhance the overall customer experience at Frullato, ensuring continued satisfaction and loyalty among patrons.

Rangoli Icecream: A Flavorful Journey from Ahmedabad

Business Profile:
Rangoli Icecream, a medium-scale ice cream parlor originating from Ahmedabad, has already established a presence with existing franchises. Known for offering a diverse range of delectable ice creams, Rangoli Icecream invites customers to indulge in a delightful array of frozen treats that cater to various tastes and preferences.

Key Details:

  • Menu Variety: Rangoli Icecream prides itself on its diverse menu, showcasing a wide selection of ice creams that promise a flavorful experience for ice cream enthusiasts.
  • Price Range: With ice cream offerings priced between 60-300 Rupees, Rangoli Icecream ensures affordability while maintaining quality and variety in its product range.
  • Contact Information: For inquiries and franchise opportunities, individuals can reach out to Rangoli Icecream at 9909953452.
  • Owner: Kishan Baldha oversees the operations of Rangoli Icecream, bringing a personal touch to the brand’s management and growth.
rangoli icecream logo

Distinctive Features:

  • Environment-Rich Outlets: Rangoli Icecream’s outlets are known for their vibrant and inviting ambiance, creating a welcoming environment for customers to enjoy their favorite frozen treats.
  • Growth Potential: With a strong foundation and a reputation for offering quality ice creams, Rangoli Icecream presents a promising opportunity for expansion and growth in the competitive ice cream industry.

Rangoli Icecream’s commitment to providing a diverse range of ice creams in an environment-rich setting, coupled with the vision for continued growth and success, positions the brand as a compelling choice for both customers and potential franchisees. By offering a delightful ice cream experience and fostering a culture of innovation and quality, Rangoli Icecream stands poised to carve a sweet success story in the world of frozen desserts.

Peni Ice Candy: A Sweet Delight from Kerala to South India

Business Profile:
Peni Ice Candy, a medium-scale ice cream candy parlour specializing in Kulfi, has already established a strong presence with numerous franchises in the South India region. Originating from Kerala, Peni Ice Candy offers a delectable range of different flavors of candy (Kulfi) to cater to the sweet cravings of its customers.

Key Details:

  • Menu Variety: Peni Ice Candy prides itself on its assortment of flavors, providing customers with a diverse selection of Kulfi options to tantalize their taste buds.
  • Price Range: Offering affordability and quality, Peni Ice Candy’s prices range from 15-40 Rupees, making it an accessible treat for a wide range of customers.
  • Contact Information: For inquiries and franchise opportunities, individuals can contact Peni Ice Candy at 9995304939.
  • Founder: SKariah PP is the visionary founder behind Peni Ice Candy, bringing his passion for sweet treats to life through the brand’s success.
peni ice candy logo

Distinctive Features:

  • Regional Presence: With a strong foothold in the South India region, Peni Ice Candy has already captured the hearts of customers with its flavorful Kulfi offerings.
  • Growth Potential: Positioned as a business with great growth opportunities, especially in tier-one cities where night-time cravings are prevalent, Peni Ice Candy has the potential to thrive and expand its reach among dessert enthusiasts.

Peni Ice Candy’s dedication to providing a delightful range of Kulfi flavors, coupled with its strategic presence in the South India region and the potential for growth in urban markets, sets the stage for continued success and expansion. By tapping into the night-time dessert cravings of urban consumers and offering a sweet escape with its flavorful candies, Peni Ice Candy is poised to carve a sweet success story in the competitive dessert industry.

Trending Dish: Tandoori Chicken

We are suggesting Tandoori Chicken as a trending dish instead of a specific brand in the fifth place because Tandoori Chicken has gained significant popularity and a growing fan following day by day. This dish transcends individual brands and represents a culinary trend that is capturing the interest of food enthusiasts globally. By highlighting Tandoori Chicken as a trending dish, we aim to showcase the broader appeal and investment potential in businesses that serve similar dishes locally, tapping into the widespread popularity and demand for this flavorful and iconic Indian cuisine offering.

Chicken Tandoori

Local Business Strategy:
Establishing a business that focuses on serving Tandoori Chicken and related dishes locally can attract a wide range of customers, from food enthusiasts seeking authentic flavors to individuals looking to experience the rich culinary heritage of India. By offering a menu that features a variety of grilled specialties, including Tandoori Chicken, Seekh Kebabs, and flavorful curries, entrepreneurs can create a dining destination that caters to the diverse tastes of their community.

Growth Opportunities:
With the rising popularity of Indian cuisine and the enduring appeal of Tandoori Chicken, investing in a business that specializes in these dishes presents significant growth potential. By leveraging the trend of consumers seeking unique and flavorful dining experiences, entrepreneurs can position their businesses for success and expansion in the competitive food industry.


By showcasing these brands and highlighting their distinctive features, menu offerings, and growth opportunities, we have unveiled hidden gems that promise not just profitability but also a shared journey towards success. Whether it’s the rich flavors of Misal, the refreshing appeal of handcrafted smoothies, the artisanal charm of ice cream, or the nostalgic delight of ice candy, each brand invites investors to be part of a culinary legacy that resonates with customers and captures the essence of India’s vibrant food culture.

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